Opening 11 Overwatch Lunar New Year Loot Boxes

Today I thought we would do something a little different. Overwatch loot boxes!

Back in the UK I have played a ton of Overwatch on the Xbox One and when I came back to Thailand this most recent time I decided that I couldn’t deal with the Overwatch withdrawal symptoms, especially with the Year of the Rooster event only just going live! How could I miss out on those awesome skins! Long story short – I haven’t been able to play it that much due to work and the quality of my internet connection so I’m lacking on Year of the Rooster goodies.. So i figured lets just buy a few loot boxes and see what we get. Hope you enjoy, and there will be more blind bag business as usual from tomorrow!

‘Overwatch’ the video now!

Not a bad haul at all. Some nice legendary skins in there and some good voice lines. I have always wanted the Junkrat skin (even though its not a Lunar New Year one).

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