Kinder Joy – Kinder Surprise egg x 3 (1 for boys and 2 for girls) openings!

Kinder Joy surprise eggs from Thailand!

Morning all! As you should know by now if you have been keeping up to date with my previous posts I am currently in Thailand. Recently I have picked up a couple of Kinder Joy surprise eggs. I’m not familiar with these eggs as its Kinder Surprise that you tend to see in the UK however the toy quality is the same.

I initially bought 2 surprise eggs for the blog however my wife like them so we have ended up with an extra one. That makes it 2 pink ones (for girls) and 1 blue one (for boys). Lets get started with one of the pink ones!

1 for the girls! – or is it?

Kinder Joy surprise egg
Kinder Joy spinning top game

The first toy we have is some kind of spinning top game that needs a bit of assembly. There is a “MAGIC KINDER APP” that can be downloaded by using the QR code but I didn’t bother with that. The assembly was straightforward even though there are no text instructions.

Kinder Joy surprise egg
Fully assembled

From what I can tell the idea of the game is to place the game board/ring onto your finger and then spin the spinning top on the game board. Once the top is spinning the goal is to then move your hand around and make the spinning top move to one of four indentations on the game board. The indentations are numbered 1 – 4 with the aim being to start at 1 and make it to 4 whilst keeping the top spinning.

1 for the boys!

Kinder Joy surprise egg
Kinder Joy build your own Hot Wheels car

In the ‘boys’ egg we have a Hot Wheels car which is less of a game game and more of your standard generic boys toy. There are some stickers to apply and it is easily assembled. The wheels on the car don’t actually move; it uses a large centre wheel.

Kinder Joy surprise egg
Fully assembled

The fully assembled car. Pretty standard stuff. The leaflet shows a couple of other Hot Wheels toys that can be pulled. The coolest one looks like a blue hovercraft – A far better pull!

Another 1 for the girls! (apparently)

Kinder Joy surprise egg
Kinder joy frog – The most basic of basic

In the second egg for girls there is a plastic frog and a sticker. Once the sticker has been applied you can play with the frog by making it spring into the air to emulate a jumping frog. There is a Kangaroo available also. The frog is better!

Kinder Joy surprise egg
Plastic jumping frog


For 0.31 baht (0.71p at the time of writing) it is debatable whether these are worth it. You do get a tasty treat along with the toy which is a plus. I would say that the ‘joy’ definitely comes from the snack rather than the toy!

One thing to point out is that where the ‘boys’ egg does come with a generic boys toy – the ‘girls’ eggs have toys that are unisex in a traditional view. There is nothing that screams out “girls only toy!” in the girls eggs which is a little bit strange.

Regardless of the toy quality, if you are wanting a treat for your kid that is 50% snack and 50% toy then you can’t really go wrong. Having had plenty of Kinder eggs in my time I can say for certain that on occasion the toys are much better than what we have seen today!

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