Dreamworks Trolls blind bags series 1 opening!

When I was a kid in the early 90’s is seemed everyone had a troll doll. These ugly dolls with crazy hair were past the height of their popularity by this time but they were still knocking around. Last year we saw a resurgence in popularity as Dreamworks purchased the brand and created an animated feature film. Those events have led us to today! Here we have Trolls blind bags (series 1) for our blind bag opening!

Dreamworks Trolls bling bags series 1

trolls blind bags series 1

Fresh out of the bag our troll looks very disheveled to say the least! This is some serious bed-head hair! There is no name for the troll on the checklist however I’m sure anyone that has seen the fiilm will be familiar with the character.

trolls blind bags series 1
After the stylist has been

Here we have the same troll but with the hair in a more traditional troll doll style! Initially upon opening the blind bag I was concerned that the trolls hair may fall out easily. After pulling away a few loose strand though, the rest is well attached.

trolls blind bags series 1
Hair stylists coffee break


Although similar to the old Troll dolls, these new ones are more attractive (by design). The characters are designed to look more appealing for the film and that translates well over to the toys. There will be a serious 2 blind bag coming over the next few weeks so we can see how they compare to the first line. All in all, a pretty nice little figure and I can see why these would appeal to kids and fans of the film alike. The paint application and mold is nothing special but then these Troll dolls have always been about the crazy hair and these new figures certainly still have crazy hair!


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