Transformers Alt-Modes series 1 (blind-ish box)!

If you have been reading my previous posts then it should come as no surprise to see Transformers here again. Today we have a Transformers Alt-Modes series 1 mystery figure. I said it was a “blind-ish” box because there is a hole in the box so you can try and see which character it is – I didn’t look!

Its been a while but this time I got lucky!

Transformers Alt-Modes series 1 Megatron

All hail the mighty Megatron! – Honestly, this would be my first pick to get out of this alt-modes line so I am really pleased to get him first time! Classic Megatron is brilliant. I remember as a child asking my dad “Dad, who is more evil – Darth Vader, Megatron or the devil?” Haha, that is how much of a badass Megatron is.

Transformers Alt-Modes Megatron

Transformers Alt-Modes series 1 Megatron
Megatron in robot mode

The figure is quite nice if a little basic in paint application (although Megatron was always a bit¬†sparse). True to the ‘Alt-Mode’ name the figure does actually transform. To ‘transform’ the figure there is a tab in the shape of a decepticon emblem of the figures head which just needs to be pulled. When the tab is pulled a body fall down from inside the head. With each pull of the tab it cycles between robot mode and tank mode.

I bought this figure from Toys R Us in Hat Yai and they are quite expensive for what they are. It cost me 250 baht which is approximately ¬£5/6 at the time of writing. Based on the price I can’t really recommend this line unless you can get hold of it cheaper. If you consider the fact you could get a real nice Kid Robot vinyl figure or something for around the same price it doesn’t really seem worth it.

The other characters available in series 1 are;

  • Optimus Prime
  • Nemesis Prime
  • Prowl
  • Ultra Magnus
  • Starscream
  • Skywarp
  • Thundercracker

If any of those character interest you then maybe think about picking one up next time you see one!

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