Disney Pixar Capsule Toy Mini Figures

So today we have a Disney Pixar capsule toy a company called Zuru. I don’t know much about these as I can’t find much information online but from looking at Zuru’s website it seems they may be discontinued. I assume they are legit because I bought them from Toys ‘R’ Us.. but we are in Thailand so who knows!

In the mystery capsule there are 8 different mini figures to collect however I can only see 6 because of the store label. The options are; Buzz Lightyear, Mr Incredible, Sully, Woody, Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater. Please be Buzz Lightyear or Woody!! Lets see who we pulled today…

Disney Pixar Tow Mater capsule toy mini figure
Disney Pixar Tow Mater mini figure

Disney Pixar capsule toy… Tow Mater

Haha, my luck has been so bad recently! I have never seen Cars and to be honest it doesn’t really internet me. On top of that Tow Mater seems like a pretty rubbish Cars character to get… I could be wrong but I’ve never seen any of the Cars films.

Disney Pixar Tow Mater capsule toy mini figure
Tow Mater

Although I’m unenthusiastic about the pull, the mini figure is actually quote nicely made. The detailing is good and the paint application is decent. If I was going to pull a Cars figure though I would have preferred Lightning McQueen just because he looks a bit more interesting.

Disney Pixar Tow Mater capsule toy mini figure
Tow Mater

If you can find these capsule toys they are a nice series to collect judging by first impressions. They come on a stand which (although basic in colour) is a nice thing to have and something which is missing from a lot of these collectible mini figure toys. There will be another one of these coming over the following weeks however it is of the Disney Princess line so that should be interesting!

Catch you later!

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