Yo-Kai Watch Medals Vol.3 blind bag

Today we have someĀ Yo-Kai Watch Medals Vol.3 blind bag/booster pack. I’ve never read the manga or watched the anime but I know its quite popular at the minute. I do remember playing the demo for the game that was released on the Nintendo 3ds – It wasn’t bad but it did feel a bit easy and the combat was weak.

Yo-Kai Watch strikes me as an obvious attempt to muscle in on the Pokemon territory. There have been plenty of Pokemon-esque franchises ever since Pokemon became so popular and from what I have seen so far, Yo-Kai watch seems to have some of the best monster designs since Pokemon. Yo-Kai Watch, like Pokemon, is all about capturing and battling monsters or in this case the titular Yo-Kai.

Yo-Kai Watch Medals Vol.3 blind bag booster pack
There are 2 medals in each pack

There are 2 medals in each pack which can be used with the actual Yo-Kai Watch device. I don’t know how to play the game so I won’t bother speculating but the medals themselves do remind me of the plastic ‘slammers’ that you used to get with Pogs (remember those anyone?).

I really like the Yo-Kai designs in general and I was even lucky enough to get a holographic medal in this pack!

Medal one – Darumacho of the Goketsu/Tough tribe

Darumaccho - Goketsu clan
Darumacho – tough tribe

This guy looks pretty cool. He does look pretty tough, befitting of belonging to the ‘tough’ tribe or Goketsu tribe as its known in Japan. This is a standard medal but still looks good, I can see why these are so popular among kids at the moment!

Medal two – Ryujin(Dragon Lord) of the Nyororon(Slippery) tribe

Dragon Lord - Slippery tribe
Dragon Lord – Slippery tribe

Now this guy is definitely cooler than the first medal! Nothing beats the buzz of pulling a ‘shiny’ holographic variation from a blind bag or booster pack! Whether its Pogs, trading cards or anything in between its always a great feeling!

The foil effect is really nice and again this medal seems good quality. I am genuinely impressed with these Yo-Kai Watch medals.

There will be more Yo-Kai Watch medals coming in the future so watch this space!

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