Playmobil Figures series 10 x 2 blind bags!

Playmobil Figures series 10 blind bags

Playmobil Figures series 10
Lets open them up!

Today we have 2 Playmobil Figures (fi?ures) series 10 blind bags. There are 2 varieties; pink blind bags which contain female characters and black blind bags which contain male characters. I have 1 of each kind and today we will be opening 2 blind bags rather than just one!

Series 10 checklist
Series 10 checklist

There are some very good looking characters in this wave. The pink ones do not appeal to me very much but as for the blue ones I would be happy pulling almost any of them. Unfortunately for me I have pulled my least favorite!

Playmobil Figures series 10 Fisherwoman & Soccer(Football) Fan
Fisherwoman & Soccer(Football) Fan

The official names for these figures are ‘Fisherwoman’ and ‘Soccer Fan’. The Fisherwoman figure is pretty generic however it does look good for what it is. The Soccer Fan is a strange oneĀ – I wonder why they decided on a French soccer fan. If Playmobil were just wanting to produce a generic soccer fan then why not go with something really obvious like Brazil?

Fisherwoman & Soccer(Football) Fan

Here you can see the accessories for each figure. The Fisherwoman comes with a fishing basket, a lobster and a couple of crabs. The soccer fan comes with a French flag and a hotdog. All pretty standard stuff I guess. Not all that exciting.

Fisherwoman & Soccer(Football) Fan
Fisherwoman & Soccer(Football) Fan


Despite the fact that I don’t really care for the characters I pulled, I do have to admit these are pretty good figures. I am familiar with Playmobil from when I was a kid however I mostly had Lego – I can barely remember having any Playmobil but i’m sure i did!

Like me, If you are familiar with Playmobil then you know what to expect – these figures are sturdy and high quality. The Playmobil figures look good and generally the designs are really cool. I think I have another black blind bag in the pile so hopefully next time I will get something more exciting!


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